Chandigarh- Becoming The Most Promising Valley for Businesses

Bangalore which is also known as the “Silicon Valley of India” is spearheading the growth of the startup ecosystem in the country. There are many smaller “valleys” coming up from all across the country. But Chandigarh, “The City Beautiful” is certainly one of the most promising. Chandigarh is the first post-independence planned city of India. It has a well- defined infrastructure and an efficient administration. The roads are wide, well-managed traffic and functional air connectivity to all the major cities. It has been emerging as the first option for entrepreneurs looking beyond Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Equally Talented Neighboring Cities

The neighboring towns of Chandigarh like- Mohali and Panchkula have also been witnessing new age entrepreneurship. Chandigarh and its adjoining areas have a rich source of educational institutes which give them a lot of talent pool. Chandigarh boasts of an emerging IT Park, which is a home to many major multinational companies. The companies like- Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Dell, Quark and IBM are already located there. Chandigarh already has the attention of the software and IT services.

Opportunities for New Startups

The startup brigade is also now interested in setting up a strong base in Chandigarh. There are ample opportunities, infrastructure and coworking spaces for the startups in Chandigarh. It is in the close proximity Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, therefore attracts a lot of talent from these states. The biggest advantage that Chandigarh has is the availability of a large number of talented and motivated people. These people are ready to take up new roles and responsibilities.

Chandigarh is also becoming the education hub of the nearby region. The presence of multiple educational institutions in and nearby the city ensure the constant supply of manpower. Earlier, the youth of the city used to move to Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore for better opportunities.

However, as the ecosystem of Chandigarh improves, the over-crowded metropolitan cities are no more attractive. Many entrepreneurs believe that this trend will improve to a much larger extent in future.

For Chinmay Agarwal, Samar Singla and Isha Singla, the co-founders of Chandigarh based auto rickshaw aggregator Jugnoo, starting up in Chandigarh happened by default. Ask Samar if he would like to relocate jugnoo to Gurgaon or Bangalore, the hottest startups hub- he rules out the possibility. So, what is so special about Chandigarh as a startup destination? “Chandigarh has helped as a natural filter in getting the right talent for Jugnoo”- says Samar. Operational costs have been lower. Attracting the right talent have never been a problem in Chandigarh.

Quality of Life and Enough Infrastructure

Chandigarh is without any doubt one of the best cities to live in. Many people who are working in big metropolitan cities are willing to come back to Chandigarh and settle here. Kunal Nandwani, founder of uTrade Solutions says, “Chandigarh offers the best quality of life in India”. There are ample fresh talent and a considerable number of experienced people available in Chandigarh. There is enough infrastructure available to remain connected to the rest of the country. You save more time in traffic, compared to Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. This can be used for achieving a greater work-life balance. The team members will be more satisfied.

It is not only Chandigarh that’s been wooing startups and entrepreneurs. The neighbouring towns of Panchkula and Mohali too have been witnessing the sprunts of new age entrepreneurship.

The Tricity Advantage

Another advantage is that Tricity is also a home to a customer base, which is willing to try out new ideas and concepts. The metro cities have become so crowded in terms of startups. There you can’t actually test your product and see the transaction. People in such cities are already overloaded with information in so many startups. This is not in the case of Chandigarh.

According to Alankar Narula who runs a legal services startup in Chandigarh says – Chandigarh in a way is nice because its benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Starting a new business is not very difficult in Chandigarh because of easy availability of resources and access to every place in the city.

Clearly, Chandigarh has a lot of potential of becoming the next startup hub of India. But It will take some time to challenge the benefits of the metropolitan cities. Though the success seems to have already begun.

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