Still doubtful about switching to coworking spaces?

Well, you must know that the opportunity for growth that coworking spaces offer is evident from the fact that some great businesses like Uber and Instagram have started from working in coworking spaces and have witnessed tremendous growth and are still growing.

With the advancement taking place, the recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of upcoming small businesses, startups and small scale industries growing in terms of number and business. Nowadays the trend of independent business has changed from working in homes or cafes and the concept of coworking spaces has been gaining acceptance in many parts of the world. These spaces offer the values of collaboration, cooperation, and community which helps your business grow.

coworking market graphCoworking spaces are the best fit for emerging businesses. Various people from different domains can come together and work in a shared space. Many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups etc have been using coworking spaces. There are different kinds of spaces offered in the coworking spaces which you can select according to your requisites. These range from hot desks, dedicated desks, shared desks to conference rooms etc. That offers a number of facilities ranging from high-speed WiFi and scanners and printers to snacks and beverages. Also, they help to maintain the much needed work-life balance these days by offering a number of recreational spaces in close vicinity as well. Some spaces also offer price flexibility.

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Coworking Spaces offer the following facilities which make them preferable for emerging businesses and freelancers and start ups of all kinds:

  • Productivity
  • Cost effective
  • amenities
  • Flexible pricing schemes
  • Networking
  • work-life balance

Productivity: Coworking spaces offer more productivity by offering a professional environment that’s free from distractions and enhances the quality of work by sharing of ideas in a community, which provides the advantage of diversification of ideas and improved concentration and dedication.

Amenities:  Not only just space to work in, Coworking spaces also deliver various amenities such as printers, scanners, high speed WiFi, locker rooms, beverages etc. the options vary from space to space. You can check more by visiting the link given below.

Flexible Pricing schemes: Coworking spaces offer flexible pricing schemes according to the requisites of the people from different domains and their requirements. These include hot desks, dedicated desks, shared desks,conference rooms, etc. Also there are other plans according to the time of usage and other parameters as well which you can view from the link given below.

Cost-effective: Coworking spaces provide an affordable pricing for the usage of spaces. They are economical option as compared to the private offices which make one pay high prices for an isolated space without other amenities.

Networking:  Coworking spaces also bring an opportunity for Networking wherein you can come in contact with people from various domains which would help you build connections which may be beneficial for your business. And while working together, healthy connections are easily bult, which may help make way for opportunities of growth in your business. You never know if you could find opportunities of collaboration. Hence coworking spaces are ideal spaces for networking driven businesses.

Work-Life balance: Not only just spaces with continuous long hours of working together, coworking spaces are a preferable option because  of availability of recreational spaces in close vicinity. Also some coworking spaces have weekly events which include health and fitness activities. Some coworking spaces have dedicated spaces for meditation and yoga as well.

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