Well, if it’s your first time in Chandigarh and you are looking for some food. I’ll be glad to help you here on this blog. Chandigarh, as we know, is the centre of attraction for north India. So, you can find a variety of food here in Chandigarh. This blog does not review any of the restaurants. It is just to give a guide to the readers.

Here are some of the places that are suitable for hanging out in Chandigarh for food:

Whistling Duck:

Whistling Duck:

For a light lunch, you can visit Whistling Duck for a relaxed and fun time. They were awarded the best multi-cuisine restaurant by the Times Food Guide. Guests can choose to sit outside while eating and enjoying the view. This restaurant is ideally suitable for a relaxed and casual meal.

Virgin Courtyard:

Virgin Courtyard:

It is suitable for a dinner date and fun lunch with the family. From the decor to its sitting arrangement, everything seems to be perfectly placed. They have a decent wine collection, while their pizza is some of the best in the city and their tiramisu is definitely worth a shot.

Backpacker’s Cafe

Backpacker’s Cafe:

It is considered to be a favourite breakfast spot. They serve healthy breakfast all day long with a variety of options ranging from traditional breakfast option to custom-made choices and a range of delicious burger.



They are an iconic bakery in Chandigarh and is considered as city’s most popular bakery. It provides good homemade bakery and is extremely delicious and flavourful. It also provides you with small eats like burgers and rolls.

pal dhaba

Pal Dhaba:

Although you won’t like the decor, the taste of the food does the taking. Nobody leaves Pal Dhaba without a full stomach, from succulent chicken and mutton kebabs to creamy butter chicken with crisp naans and Rotis. It serves a traditional Indian Yogurt drink which is rich and delicious.

Brooklyn Central

Brooklyn Central:

It is located in the spacious Elante mall, after a long shopping spree you can enjoy a drink or a great milkshake.It is inspired by a restaurant in New York and serves dinner food similar to classic American institutes. It serves Brooklyn’s pancake, Waffles, Cinnamon French Toast and the Meaty Hash Casserole being crowd favourite.

Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House:

This is an institute in itself. As you enter, you will be greeted by the rich aroma of coffee and the charm of an old cafe where time tends to stop. You would find a desi environment as people there would be wearing traditional kurta and turbans, making each visit a memorable one. This place is mostly visited by travellers and hitchhikers, which makes for great conversations over a rich aromatic coffee.

Nik Bakers

Nik Bakers:

It is most popular for its craving cakes, desserts, quiches and tarts, wraps, omelettes and waffles. They make their own bread and also serves breakfast every day. For health-conscious patrons, they have healthy smoothies and mocktails. It’s friendly and vibrant atmosphere attracts people to grab a bite for lunch before heading back to work.

Pakiza Biryani Corner

Pakiza Biryani Corner:

If you are a biryani lover this is a perfect place for you to visit any day. It is located in sector 15, though the location is not the best with respect to decor, the food is overwhelming. You can have a taste of a variety of chicken and mutton biryani.

Working all day makes you want to eat. These are the places that you can visit during your lunch break or go on a date after your office hours.

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