Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab and Haryana and is also known as ‘City Beautiful’. It is located on the foot of the Shivalik hills. It has adopted the urban culture quite fast. Being the capital of two states, Chandigarh has adopted the culture of both the states. Chandigarh is one of the most well-planned cities of India. It has an unparalleled architecture.

You just need to enter Chandigarh to realize why it is called City Beautiful. With beautiful places to visit, this little town is peaceful yet brews with excitement. The food is rich with butter, Ghee and everything Punjabi. A drive of only a few hours from New Delhi, Chandigarh offers a lot of things from fascinating galleries, a clamoring nightlife, structural wonders, and number of wonderful eateries. From weekend activities to nightlife, Chandigarh has a lot of things to offer for vacationers. The next time you visit the city make sure you do the following things in Chandigarh.

Shopping at Sector-17-

The market of sector-17, Chandigarh makes a strong blend of top line stores and awesome local boutique. You can browse from the branded stuff to handicraft things including- shoes, clothes, electronic merchandise, and loads more. You can shop till you drop at Chandigarh’s biggest business sector. The main market of sector-17 is peppered with a section of coolest and trendiest lodgings. Whether it is a family occasion or a celebration or if you are a traveler, Sector 17 has tons to offer.

Get Relaxed-

Chandigarh is one of the happiest city of India. People visit Chandigarh to relax themselves. The Timber Trail Resort in Parwanoo is one of the popular resort. It is located just half an hour drive away from the city. The resort has in-house adventure sites, jacuzzi, luxurious spas and amenities. The restro offers a scenic view of a hillside. It also has an open restro bar. You can also enjoy the view of hills through a ropeway. Another popular resort is Surya Vilas. It is a hillside resort and also offers a magnificent view.

Taste Authentic North Indian Food-

Your trip to Chandigarh would be incomplete if you do not  try authentic traditional cuisines. If you love non-vegetarian food, Pal da Dhaba is a perfect choice for you. It is a popular dining out place to be with your family, friends and loved ones. The staff is very cheerful and welcoming. You can try traditional dishes like- Sarson ka saag, Makki di roti, cheese naan gravy and butter chicken. The restaurant serves complimentary dessert made of jaggery to every guest. The restaurant which opened in 1968 has many branches all over the city now.

Watch a play at Tagore theatre-

The Tagore theatre was made in  the memory of Rabindranath Tagore. All the important cultural activities of Chandigarh take place in the Tagore theatre. The Tagore theatre started as a group of people who came together for the common love for  the stage and drama. It has now converted into an auditorium. Make sure you buy a ticket and watch a show, if you like watching classic shows.

Experience Chandigarh on cycle-

Experience your childhood once again and roam around the city on a bicycle. Chandigarh is one of the most developed and planned cities in India. You can book a bicycle tour and visit some of the signature buildings and public spaces. The tour starts early in the morning and it ends around lunchtime. You can also take your kids along with you. In the bicycle tour, you will be visiting major places like- Rose garden, Leisure Valley, Chandigarh war memorial and many more.

Experience the tourist bus-

Everything about Chandigarh is neat and clean which includes roads, streets, neighbourhood and transport as well. Chandigarh Tourism provides a tour of the city in an open double decker bus. Just buy the tickets for the bus and hop on and hop off at all the major tourist places in the city. There is a day pass to visit all the tourist places in a day. You can enjoy the view from the open rooftop of the bus. These buses are also known as HOHO buses. So take a ride of these bright red HOHO buses.

Visit Rock Garden-

One to the most exciting place to visit in Chandigarh is Rock Garden. Located in Sector-1, it is an open-air exhibition made by Nek Chand. The garden is beautiful and is spread over 40 acres. Rock Garden has colorful and created art pieces made from industrial and home waste.

There are many exciting things to do in Chandigarh. You can visit the art museum, try different cuisines at various traditional restaurants and dance to the tunes of bhangra. Chandigarh is a beautiful and planned city. It offers a lot of exciting and fun things to do. Make sure you do all the things mentioned in the list above and enjoy your visit to Chandigarh.

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