Finding a right meeting room can be more challenging than you imagine. There are various different factors that need to be taken into account while renting a meeting space. A meeting room can be used for various purposes such as staff meetings, conferences, and client meetings. Meeting rooms can vary in styles, sizes, and facilities they offer. While renting a meeting room the following this are taken in consideration-


Firstly, fix a budget as it is  easier to find a meeting room when you have your budget fixed. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend on the meeting, then find a space that fits your requirements. Say, you live in the city beautiful, find a shared working spaces in Chandigarh and check their pricing and plans. The cost of the meeting rooms varies considerably depending on the size of the room and the facilities it provides. 


While renting a meeting room, make sure that place  has all the facilities you need. The facilities that should be included are- projectors, WiFi, printers, video conferencing, and other facilities that are important for carrying out an effective meeting. Find out whether the room has air conditioning and heating options available, if needed.


Make sure you choose the right location. The rental space should be located in a safe and central place. Try to choose a place which is within close proximity to airports, railway stations, hotels, and bus stops. Make sure there are breakout areas. Having refreshments in the breakout area looks professional and can help in improving the overall productivity of the meeting.


Before sending out invitations for your event, it is wise to check the availability of  the meeting room to make sure it is vacant on the date(s) of your meeting. Some meeting rooms are open for specific days and time while others are accessible 24*7. Therefore, it is very important to plan beforehand  and make sure that the space is available to you. Don’t forget to confirm about the reservation process and act in accordance to it timely.

  1. SIZE

How many people are going to attend the meeting? It is very important to make sure that your meeting space can accommodate all your attendees. There is no point of renting  a big meeting room for 3-4 people or cramming too many people into a small meeting room. Figure out how many people are going to be at your meeting and then choose a room that is appropriate in size.


If your meeting is for more than 2 hours it is very important to choose a venue that offers catering and buffet service. Breaks with refreshments is vital for conducting a well-prepared meeting. Don’t forget to make sure that the place has catering and refreshments available.


Is the meeting room that you are going to rent is reputed? We all want to hold a meeting with our clients in a venue that has a good track report. It is important to know about our client’s  thought about the venue. Make sure to book a meeting room which has a good reputation.

The bottom line is finding an  appropriate meeting room is not  very difficult. Match the factors listed above and you can swiftly find a meeting room that gives you everything your company needs.

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