Working in a Co-working space is good and it is not wrong to say that there is something special about Co-working. However, the original charm of co-working spaces can be understood only after diving in the industry but here, we will try to pour in our best to explain why people have loved co-working spaces largely. First, co-working space never binds you with any responsibility to pay your mortgage or the heavy deposits you need to keep for getting a good office space. The co-working spaces allow you to stay stress-free and enter the office area with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Look back a decade ago and you will find that people did not know anything about co-working and the co-working spaces but today, the industry is one of the most growing industries in the country. Especially, Northern India has marked a splurge in the co-working spaces from around 5,000 seats to more than 15,000 seats in the year 2018. Co-working space works on some principles and they are:

  • They emphasize a community that stays on the same work platform.
  • A community of like-minded people with some similar values and interests
  • Providing a good space for people who cannot afford huge spaces.

All the co-working spaces around the world work around these principles and these are the foundation stones of any co-working space. What follows now is the unique features of co-working spaces due to which, not only the start-ups and SMEs but also even the giants like IBM are falling in love with them.

1. Co-working triggers positive collaboration

The best part of co-working spaces is that they promote healthy relations and networking among various co-workers. A small talk around the water cooler can end becoming a great deal for the organisation, which is otherwise not possible in a separate office environment. Collaboration, participation, observation, friendship, learning, expertise are some of the factors that boost a sense of positive attitude towards co-working spaces.

2. Co-working infuses a sense of community

When we work with different individuals who have come here with different dreams and ambitions, we get a chance to mingle with them and learn new things in life. Co-working spaces help to develop a sense of community among the members and the negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, pulling someone back to go ahead is automatically reduced by a healthy competition.

3. Co-working fosters independence and freedom

As compared to the traditional office spaces, co-working spaces provide freedom and liberty to the individuals. Co-working space has much more to offer than just a 9-5 job in a multi-national office. First of all, there is no time limit to work; one can even work at midnight with his team to achieve the desired results. Whenever an entrepreneur feels to call his team together, he can hire a co-working space and discuss things freely over a cup of coffee.

There are several things to learn from the co-working spaces. The co-working spaces are again trying to make us realize the motto of our community, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. The co-working space is gradually proving itself to be a strong business community platform where everyone is equal and free to do whatever he wants. Co-working spaces are working towards strengthening the workplace for a better future.

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