Renting an office in Chandigarh is a big and expensive deal. All thanks to co-working spaces, where a big company or a rich businessman subleases office spaces to smaller companies at an affordable price. Companies require space for teams working on special projects, surplus staffs or for the business meeting in a budget-friendly cost. The co-working spaces are considered as one of the fastest growing workspaces. The demand for co-working has climbed up in the 6-7 years.

The co-working spaces are brilliantly designed office spaces with high-speed Wi-Fi, latest technologies, legal and HR consulting services, foods and beverages and recreational zones. Co-working spaces are a great fit for freelancers, startups and small organizations, as they don’t own the space but they access to premise maintenance, security, electricity, water, pantry and much more.

Pricing structure in Chandigarh-

By Area (square feet)

Renting an office space, on your own, in Chandigarh requires a super bowl budget. You are supposed to pay not only the rent of the space but also the price of maintenance, internet connectivity, electricity, water supply, interiors, furniture, security and much more. The average monthly rent of an office space is around INR 70,000 for 600 square feet which is quite high for small business, freelancers or startups.

Whereas, if you rent a co-working space in Chandigarh, the approximate budget will be around INR 30,000 – 35,000 for 1,000 Square feet. The best part about renting coworking spaces in the capital of Punjab and Haryana is that the rent is not only affordable and at a low budget, but it also includes services like- high-speed internet, latest technologies, food and beverages, maintenance charges, electricity, water supply, security and much more.

By Desk Option (for a single person)

Renting a hot desk or even dedicated desks in a co-working space are also cost-friendly in Chandigarh. Know the difference between a hot desk and a dedicated desk. To rent a hot desk, you need to pay around INR 5,000 per month for one desk. And, to rent a dedicated desk in a co-working space, the rent is around INR 6,000-7,000 per month for one desk. The best part about renting a hot desk or dedicated desk in coworking space is that you can pay the rent on the daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. There is a number of spaces and options are available in Chandigarh and all the facilities are included in the rent itself.

Final thoughts-

The co-working spaces are equipped with meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditorium, interview rooms and more and can be used by everyone sharing the space. You have an office as and when you require with ‘no strings attached’. No headaches of maintenance, landlords or management of the office and no long terms or contracts.

Co-working spaces have become ideal for small to medium-sized companies, freelancers, consultants and startups. Such  spaces are much more economically viable for organizations than buying or renting own office space. They are not only affordable and convenient but also hassle-free.

Renting Procedure?

Want to rent a desk at a coworking space? This is how you do it.

Visit the planning page of that space and choose the right option for your office. You can fill the form with all the necessary details. That’s it. You are done. You can expect a response within the next 24 hours. You can contact the space owner using the email id provided with respect to particular office.