Chandigarh is a work hub. Being the capital two different states and a union territory itself, it is a place of everyone’s interest! Falling on the feet of Manali and Shimla, the weather of this city is as pleasant as the hearts of the people here – Comfortable & Welcoming.

Chandigarh as a plethora of workforce available because it is surrounded by many villages & town and cities as well. The ease of working, numerous coworking spaces nourishes new budding entrepreneurs & helps in achieving magnanimity. BUT, if you are in Chandigarh, you just can not keep on working day & night. You have to roam around a little, relax and explore the city as well.

In this article, we are going to treat discrete places to visit in Chandigarh. They are:

rock garden waterfall

rock garden

  • Rock Garden, Sector 1.

Trust me, this is an embodiment of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. The Rock Garden is like any other garden, but it is really distinctive at the very same time. This entire garden is made up of industrial and urban waste, by Nek Chand in the year 1957 and is spread over 40 Acres.

sukhna lake

  • Sukhna Lake.

Another unique thing about Chandigarh and its Sukhna Lake, they both are man made. The lake is approximately 3 Kms long, was created in the year 1958. This is the best place in the city to get some peace of mind, to have a blissful walk & an energizing run! The cool breeze and the beauty of nature are actually jaw-dropping. Sukhna lake also serves as a great picnic spot.

Chd Hand sign Open Hand Monument

  • Open Hand Monument.

Open Hand Monument is the symbol for the city. Designed by the French architect, Le Corbusier, this Open Hand Monument symbolizes ‘the hand to give and the hand to take; peace and prosperity, and the unity of mankind’. This giant hand symbol is shaped up of metal sheets, which works as weather clock, showing the direction of the wind!

Capitol Complex Capitol Complex Chd

  • Capitol Complex.

This place was used by the famous French architect Le Corbusier, but now it is converted into a giant museum for the tourists. It is also termed Le Corbusier Centre.

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden roses at rose garden

  • Zakir Hussain Rose Garden.

As the name suggests, this garden is full of roses (in the season – February & March) and has over 1600 several species of roses. The entire garden is spread over 30 acres of land. This garden not only has roses but various other trees as well which have great medicinal values. The government hosts an annual rose festival in the months of February & March.

elante mall

  • Elante Mall.

Respected as one of the biggest malls in entire northern India. You’ll get a good impression of people of the Chandigarh here and can also savor food and stunning ambiance here.

These were the top place which one should not miss in Chandigarh at any cost. Do visit them and let us know how was your experience there! If you are a freelancer, you may want to visit these shared offices in Chandigarh. This city has got everything. Live is beautiful here. A must visit. 

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