Nowadays, the start-ups come and go like a weather and the co-working spaces is one of the most feasible options for these budding entrepreneurs where they do not have to spend a whole fortune to set-up their office space. Nevertheless, if you are an owner of a co-working space and you want to make your venture a profitable one, amidst so many players already in the industry space, the marketing can be a little distinct and challenging.

We cannot dispute the fact that co-working spaces are one of the most profitable businesses today and the entrepreneurs and freelancers make it more profitable. Where the freelancers and entrepreneurs are struggling for a good office space with the basic amenities, a co-working space can provide more than their expectations at the minimum costs.

Co-working spaces provide us with a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and this in turn fosters our own creativity. These spaces allow the freelancers, designers, small business owners to enjoy a dedicated workspace, which is less expensive than those traditional leased out offices.

Having said all this, how on earth can a co-working space attract entrepreneurs towards it? After all, there are many co-working spaces available and why would an entrepreneur choose you over others? To resolve the dilemma, we are here with some tips that will help you promote your co-working space thus ensuring a gush of creative community towards it.

1. A great website is what you need

To start with, you need to have a website in fact, a cool website to attract your customers. Just do not a basic layout; you need to get it done professionally. The website should have a clear mission and vision of your company along with the rates you are offering. You can use platforms such as AdSense to advertise the co-working space on other websites to bring in more hits.

2. Talk to people

Unless people know you exists, how would they come to you. Therefore, come out of your shell and talk to people. The more people know you, the better are your chances to attract a community of entrepreneurs. Do not find it silly, reaching out to people will only help you foster your business growth.

3. Share ideas with the help of social media

Prepare a great social media strategy to attract your customers. Social media is a beautiful tool and it can do wonders for you. The only requirement is using it in an appropriate way. Use all your social media handles to educate people about your workspace. Post blogs and descriptions to create an effective web presence.

4. Membership perks and benefits

From the monetary point of view, provide membership rewards and benefits to the new as well as the existing members of your co-working space. For instance, you can provide 20% discount per desk if a particular number of desks are hired for a specific period of time.

5. Offer day care if you can

This would be a boon to all the mothers. If a day care is attached to your co-working space, the mothers will be willing to join your co-working space as they can work at one side and at the other side; their children are taken care of in front of their eyes. A day care will be a great advantage to your co-working space.

6. Help your members grow

When you have finally nailed it to gather a good community to your co-working space, it is now time to help them grow further. Organised entrepreneurial workshops and urge the members to attend it. Call in industry experts to talk in front of the members and exercises like these will always keep you in the good books of your clients.

7. A health insurance plan might help

Becoming a freelancer is not easy. A freelancer forgoes a number of things when he/she branches out from his main stream to do something on his/her own. One thing that always cribs them is the health insurance plan. You can provide them with these health insurance plans to cover up for their losses.

8. Pool in local businesses

Co-working spaces are always peppy and lively. To ensure such vibrancy in the work environment, you can bring in the local businesses. For instance, you can partner with a popular coffee maker nearby and distribute their coffee as a part of their marketing scheme or you can partner with theaters to host film special events in your co-working space.

Apart from the ones stated above, there can be a number of other marketing tactics. It is important you follow a marketing plan and adapt to the changing environment. The co-working industry is fruitful and full of rewards. Promote it well and earn a reputable position in the market.

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