You have spent a considerable time in devising your business plan. After those long grueling months, the business plan is finally in your hands and you are hopeful towards a profitable future with it. You have set everything right from procuring funds and market research to analyzing your competition. Do you think something is left in the cue?

Well, that is the name of your business. Somebody said, ‘what is in a name?’, but this does not fall true in the business world. The business name is your identity and if everything goes well for you, soon it will become your brand. The entire planning process and the hard work you put in to devise a plan will work only when you can think of an attractive business name.

For all our budding entrepreneurs, we are here with some amazing tips to choose a crisp and unique business name for your start-up. Do not assume the task of selecting your business name is minor, a tiny fault in selecting the name and you are finished forever.

Keep the below points in cue while you select your business name.

(We hope that these will simplify the process.)

  • Keep it short

Do not try anything verbose or length. You need to keep it short. The business name should be easy to roll off the tongue. You should give people a chance to breathe between speaking out the business name. Think about some common brands, Nike, Reebok and so on and get a good name for yourself.

  • Easy to Spell

Apart from being easy on the tongue, it should be easy to write as well. No one likes to type long keywords. Your business name should be simple and easy to go. It should invite people to search for it online. We suggest that the name should be written the way it is sound. Do not create any weird names by taking “8” in place of ‘ate’.

  • Check it on the web

There are numerous entrepreneurs in the market and you do not know if the name you thought already exists. Before finalizing anything, check the domain on the internet. Do not change the extension with the same name, change the name completely and come with something unique.

  • Be Original

Do not copy anybody’s business name and try to come up with your original name. Choose a business name that is easy to remember and that makes you stand out from the crowd. Do not use common names such as ‘buddy’s cafe’ or anything similar to a brand name.

  • Try and say it loud

Your business name looks good on paper but have you tried saying it aloud? If your business name looks good on paper, it should sound better when someone says it loud. Your business name should not get confused with the other names. Make it clear and lucid.

  • Take suggestions and feedback

Once you think all the above points are checked, make sure you take feedback’s and suggestions from friends, families, peer group, and let them have their say. Listen to them carefully and ask the best of your friends to critically evaluate the business name. This exercise will be very helpful.

  • Check the social media profiles

This point is similar to the domain name search but it is worth doing. Check if your business name is not being used as someone else’s social media profile. Make sure that the name you selected is unique across the web.

Selecting the business name is not as easy as you think but by showing some ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can spot the right fish from the pond. We hope that the article will help you carve out a unique business name for your business concern.

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