With an increase in the demand for coworking spaces and hence an increase in the number of coworking spaces in Chandigarh sprouting up every now and then, it has become a very competitive industry. As a result, it becomes very important for your coworking space to have all that it takes to stand out. In this blog, we bring to you all the features that can play an important role when it comes to making or breaking your first impression in the minds of the consumers.

How to design a coworking Space (4 things to consider)

how to design coworking space

What should your coworking space ideally look like?

Well, answering this question can be tricky, as it totally depends on the USP of your coworking space. The environment and the vibe of the coworking space should be in accordance with the USP. Still, there can be a few things that can be common and essential to all the coworking spaces. A well kept, clean and organized working space with proper lighting is of prime importance. A coworking space should have an inlet to fresh air and proper air circulation. A coworking space is a place where people come to focus and concentrate and a clean and healthy environment is of utmost importance for the efficient working of the brain.

What would the ideal Design and furniture be?

More than anything else, comfortable furniture is of utmost importance, especially for a coworking space. In today’s times where you have to sit and work throughout the day, comfortable furniture is not only important for increasing efficiency but also to prevent any sort of pains related to posture.

Also if the furniture is related to a particular theme it can give your coworking space a new look altogether. Also, the coworking space should have ample space to move about freely as overcrowded places usually don’t appeal to most of the people nowadays. Giving an artistic look to the whole space can also give the coworking space a fresh feel altogether.

What should the budget be?

The coworking space budget can be divided into two categories:

Build/construction budget and the operational budget.

The Build budget includes the designing, construction of the office space and the furniture costs. This requires help from various professionals having a thorough knowledge of the field. Whereas the operational budget is a constant evolving budget and is a learning process.

What do members want the most?

Keeping yourself in the place of the member can make you realize how important accessibility and parking space is to them. A place where members have to waste their time finding parking or where there is not enough space for their clients to park their vehicles can act as a major set back for the coworking space. Another important factor is the lighting, improper lighting can really put the client off. It gives a very dull impression of the coworking space.

While the coworking industry is an upcoming one and offers a lot of opportunities, it takes a lot to build on that perfect model. It is of utmost importance that your coworking space stands out in the crowd to be spotted by the consumers that are looking for one.

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