Sharing a workplace with total strangers sounds intimidating but it isn’t scary as it sounds. Coworking space is an open space and creates greater productivity. It   has an open communicative no-barrier office culture. It is a place where you share your workplace with several individuals and several organizations. Co-working spaces are preferred by entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups who seek an alternative to buzzing coffee shops or isolation from working at home. apart from several benefits that shared spaces offer,  Co-working spaces are hassle-free and cost-effective for many individuals and companies, saving  their efforts, money and time.

Additionally, co-working spaces allow open, harmonious and  internal networking & interactions with like-minded as well as different individuals. They are the perfect place to build networks. It gives opportunities   to understand how other people work and build businesses. Networking is a perfect mean to gain knowledge and let other people know about your business. Networking is an integral part of coworking spaces. It is an opportunity to collaborate and connect with people outside your field. Connections that form in the co-working spaces are organic, authentic and last  longer. They are not forced or fleeting. People connect with one another without having forced to. Here are some important insights which will help you building networks in the co-working spaces.

  1. Location.. Location.. Location-

The best thing about working in an open space plan with numerous “work zones” is that you can change your location many times in  a day. You could start working in the morning at the desk, eat lunch in the pantry and end your day by working at the communal table. The key to build networks in a co-working space is finding the spaces where people are already having conversations. As it is said, “more people nearby, more connections.” This thus helps if you use your time in communal spots to reach out to other workers who are sitting around you. You can even begin just by introducing yourself.

  1. Use events or cafes for networking-

Almost all the co-working offices have their own cafeterias. Cafes can be a good place to meet new people. You can start the conversation over an informal chat. There is a common lunch area that encourages people to connect with others. A quick chat with someone over lunch can turn into  a fruitful partnership.

Also, networking events can be a good place to build networks. In such events, every member is looking for networking. Such events give opportunities to understand other people’s business and explain your offerings. People are often open in events. You can easily build connections.

  1. Host your event-

You can also consider hosting your own event, you can invite people to come and attend your event. Events may include exhibits, workshops, lunch parties etc. Hosting your own event gives you time to enjoy with other people. It is essential for your own productivity. It creates inspiration and positive interaction. Also, you can arouse curiosity among people with your work. Hosting your event is a perfect opportunity to build networks with other people around you.  

  1. Share your knowledge-

Business is all about continuous learning and sharing the knowledge. People will come to you if you are useful to them in office space. You don’t need to share your trade secret. Sharing your business knowledge with a fellow co-worker will not only help them but it can also lead to future gains . You can not only share your knowledge with fellow co-workers but you can also learn from them. Co-working spaces are the perfect places to share  valuable knowledge with others.

  1. Diversity breeds networking-

In a coworking workspace, people are from the diverse background with different social set up, training, education and experiences. The way of working of every individual is different. Thus, this creates an inspiring atmosphere for networking. Everyone is curious to know about each other. Since a person sitting next to you is working on an interesting project, you would like to know about him. An entrepreneur gets to meet new people in different work shifts. And because of this, his networking and opportunities remain exciting and broad all the time. Different people with different mindsets meet and interact with one another. Hence, networking is built.

  1. Lively Atmosphere-

If the atmosphere is soothing and relaxed, networking becomes comfortable and easy. We know that coworking offices and conventional offices are different. The  co-working spaces motivate people to connect with others because of the lively atmosphere. Whereas, the traditional office spaces does not give enough opportunities for networking. You are forced to work with the same set of people daily. The internal politics and unpleasant atmosphere in the traditional offices discourage workers to communicate with one another.  Interestingly, co-working spaces are free from all such constraints. Workers in the co-working spaces are always motivated to build a network with their co-workers.

Final Thoughts-

Co-working spaces are the best places to get feedback, job recommendations and discussing your projects with others. A co-working space offers wide range of opportunities to grow relationship and network with people who work in different fields.  And that’s why the popularity of co-working spaces is increasing day by day. Not only freelancers, startups or entrepreneurs prefer co-working spaces but even big organizations and companies are moving towards co-working culture. It gives chance to grow wide range of contacts. This may prove essential for your business growth and success. The networking options are very less in the traditional workspaces and for this reason people nowadays prefer to work in a co-working spaces over traditional spaces. 

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