With the increasing popularity of the co-working spaces, there has been a lot of confusion between a Hot desks and dedicated desks. Let’s clear things up.

In a co-working space, Hot desk is basically a “sit anywhere that’s free” type of place. This means that if you book a hot desk for 7 days, you may not sit  at the same desk every day. Whereas, a dedicated desk means that a specific desk which is designated just to you till the duration of your booking. Hot desks are generally smaller and ideal for freelancers and startups. All you have to do is bring your own device, select an available seat and start to work. Dedicated desks are bigger desks with extra space to keep your personal stuff or extra monitor.

Apart from renting a private cabin in a shared office, freelancers for desk spaces. Finding a hot desk is all about finding a desk within a coworking office space and these seats are assigned on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. The dedicated desks are rented out to one specific individual. They tend to cost more than a hot desk.

In the dedicated desk setups, the members are consistently interacting with each other and sharing ideas. It allows you to be immersed in an environment which supports openness, knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation. You meet and engage with like-minded people. Whereas in the hot desk spaces, people continuously come in and out, there are no connections between them. It is difficult to build relationships with the people around you. These people rarely collaborate or engage with others.

The dedicated desk spaces offer more privacy, the workers have their fixed seats, you can set your desk the way you like. There is no need to pack your things at the end of the day, it saves you the time in the morning. In hot desk spaces, you have to pack your things every time at the end of the day and take everything home, as you may sit at a new desk every day.

Hot desking helps you cut down the costs on the unnecessary real estate expenses. Collaboration is the perk of hot desking. Whereas personalization is the perk of dedicated desks, you can make your desk your home, you can bring your own computer, printer or photos of your family members.

Dedicated desks are flexible. You can work from the same spot every day and even have team members join you at any time. With hot desking, you don’t have the luxury like  dedicated desks. But this suites best for the people who love to meet new people every day as here you get to sit with someone new everyday.

Hot desking can be an unpleasant experience sometimes as you don’t have your personal space, no place to keep your things. You may feel dispensable and looked down by people around you.

Hot desking and dedicated desks both have their pros and cons, choose the one which suits best for your business ideas.

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