Coworking spaces are not restricted to offices or coffee shops anymore. It is now a major industry with not only local but global players as well. Coworking history shows that the concept of shared office space has grown and the available seats have doubled each year since 2006. Now in 2018, not only it is an affordable option, coworking boosts your productivity as well. With Chandigarh joining the race, the city beautiful has sent a spark in co-working spaces in the past year or two. Not only Freelancers but small businesses are also looking for affordable coworking spaces in Chandigarh City.

We’ve narrowed down a list for a wide array of startups which might provide startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with the opportunity to rent a shared office in Chandigarh capital region. The reviews are on the basis of several factors, which include the facilities offered, like, air conditioning, high-speed WiFi or internet connection, availability of pantry, furniture and fixture, lift, electricity supply, power backup to name a few.

Here’s a list of Top Coworking Spaces in Chandigarh City.

Coworking Spaces in Chandigarh Pricing
1. Innov8 Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 48,000
2. StartHub Nation Rs. 4,299 to Rs. 28,999
3. Chitkara I.Incubator Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 40,000
4. Regus Get a quote from them
5. Triam Centre Rs. 4,000 to On Request
6. Wotta Workspace Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000
7. Next57 Coworking Rs. 3,999 to Rs. 36,000
8. The Groove Rs. 2,124 to Rs. 18,880
9. Work Cave Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 and Onward
10. Space Jam Rs. 6,999 to Rs. 35,999

1. Innov8 Coworking Space

Innov8 Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Fully equipped meeting rooms

It has long success tale in the national capital, It is a startup that opened recently owing to the waves created by its predecessor in Delhi. The chance to work in such an environment has attracted many people from different walks of life. As, it is the mother dome for the blossoming of creativity, like-minded thinking and the flourishing of ideas.


9:00am to 10:00Pm

Available Space Options

Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Offices, Meeting Rooms, Virtual Office

Features and Facilities

  • Refreshments
  • Breakout Zone
  • High Speed Internet
  • Meeting Room
  • Printing Services
  • Mail Handling
  • Rooftop Garden
  • 24 x 7 Access

Price Range

Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 48,000

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk

You can rent a space at innov8 by visiting their pricing and plans page. You need to select your option and fill a form.


19, Ground Floor, Central Emporium Mall, Plot 143, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh.

Phone: +91 9999466688

2. StartHub Nation Coworking Work Space

StartHub Nation Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Suitable for small business owners and freelancers

Known as a brainchild of the various Entrepreneurs and has given rise to a variety of other startups which follows its footsteps. It offers entrepreneur to come together at one place and work together as a whole.


Open 24 hours

Available Space Options

Freelancer, 2 Seats, Emerging Team, Established Team, 8 Seats, Large Team

Features and Facilities

  • Reception and Enquiry
  • Air Condition
  • Electricity Supply
  • Hot/Cold Water
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • 24 Hours Work Timings
  • Access to Startup events
  • Modern Washrooms
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Mentorship and Entrepreneurship events
  • Outsourcing Opportunity
  • Boards and Branding

Price Range: Rs. 4,299 to Rs. 28,999

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
You can book your space by visiting the pricing page. There, you need to select your choice and click book button. On this page, you need to fill a form and submit it.


SCO 50-51, 3rd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, 160022.

Phone: +91 988 836 6200

3. Chitkara Innovation Incubator Coworking Place

Chitkara Innovation Incubator Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Eco-system for productivity

Chitkara university started this coworking idea in 2013 for the students to help them turn their idea into reality. It is located in a hilly area in New Chandigarh with a whopping 15,000 sq. feet area. It is a place for brilliant mind and original thinkers, which is a hub for companies like Airtel, Tech Mahindra, and Infosys. It has created a worldwide market for itself now.

Available Space Options: Good for startups. Please visit the website for more details.

Features and Facilities:

  • Free WiFi & Electricity
  • Food Court
  • Access To Events
  • Mentoring
  • Seed Funding Assistance
  • Marketing And Branding Help

Price Range: Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 40,000

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
Here you can opt for a membership program. Once you open the registration form, you are required to fill this form and submit the same.


SCF 10-11, Sector 4, Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula, Haryana.

Phone: 1800 267 1999

4. Regus Coworking Office

Regus Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

An ideal workplace

Regus as managed its pace with the rising business of start-ups in the recent years. They offer a variety of benefits such as working in a communal workspace, flexible work hours, options worth dying for and ability to pay only for what you use. With unlimited access, a job opportunity in Regus will definitely be an added advantage in your resume.

Timings: 8:30am to 6:00pm

Available Space Options: Offices, Part-Time Offices, Day Offices

Price Range: Get a quote from them

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
The renting process here is quite simple. You can do so by vising the website and there, on the top right corner, you will find plan and pricing tab. You need to click on the tab and fill the required fields, like, space option. Once you submit it, you will get your pricing.


70, Tower A, Godrej Eternia, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002.

Phone: 1800 209 4949

5. Triam Centre Shared Space

triam centre Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Modern Office Space

Started in the 1970s, Chandigarh also has an outlet of the Triam CEntre Coworking Space. It is one of the reputed co-working spaces in the Tricity. It is located in the heart of the city, that is in Sector 8-C. Triam requires its candidate to acquire a specialized skill set that is present only in the best of the best.

Timings: 9:00am to 6:30pm

Available Space Options: Training/Event Space, Conference Room, Meeting Rooms and Private Spaces

Features and Facilities:

  • High Speed WiFi
  • Air conditioned
  • Self service for Tea, Coffee and Water
  • Revolving armchairs
  • Reception and Enquiry
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Modern Washrooms

Price Range: Rs. 4,000 to On Request

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
The procedure is similar to the above methods. Visit the site, click read more on the section of your choice. Say, you need a private space, 8 seater. Click read more button of that section. A contact form will appear. You can get in touch with the concerned department by submitting the contact form.


SCO 179-180, First Floor, Sector 8 C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.

Phone: +91-9803100297

6. Wotta Workspace Shared Office

Wotta Workspace Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Plug n Play Office

Wotta Workspace is among the esteemed workspaces not just in the Tricity, but also in the country. It is located in one of the most densely populated regions of the city Mohali. They aim at developing a healthy Ecosystem with an interactive Community where enthusiastic entrepreneurs intend to bring about positive construction changes in their work environment.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Available Space Options: Part Time 12 days desk 9am-7pm, Full Time 30 days desk 9am-7pm, Resident 30 days desk 24/7

Features and Facilities:

  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi internet
  • Coffee/Tea Twice a day
  • Meeting Room 4 Hours
  • Conference Room 2 Hours
  • Projector 2 Hours
  • Cafeteria/Lounging
  • Vocal Booth Access
  • Power Backup
  • Network Opportunities/Events

Price Range: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
You have to visit their plan page. You will find a few options to choose from. Locate your option and click on the signup button. Once you are there, send your message and you will get a reply within 24 hours.


F-429, Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059.

Phone: +91 9501340429

7. Next57 Space for Coworking

next-57 Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Cafeteria and Lounge Area

Next57 is a common space for the rising entrepreneurs where they can work on their ideas and build products. The shared office place is located in Chandigarh and is know for providing a well structured design to people looking for coworking space in Chandigarh. The work privacy will help budding talents to work effectively.

Timings: 9:00am to 9:00pm

Available Space Options: Virtual Office, Coworking Desk, Private Cabin Space

Features and Facilities:

  • Reception & House keeping
  • Meeting room access
  • Community and networking events
  • Unlimited Hot and cold beverages

Price Range: Rs. 3,999 to Rs. 36,000

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
Visit the planning page and find the right option for your office. You have options for desk, office or others, like, meeting room. Once you have found your option, click on learn more. Fill the fields that appear. You are done. You will get a response within the next 12 hours.


Plot No. 57, Third Floor, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh.

Phone: +91 977 989 8998

8. The Groove Shared Workplace

The groove Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Frontdesk Services

At Groove, you can run and make your company thrive. Headquartered in Chandigarh, the co-working space wants you to focus on your work and let them handle everything else for you. Ranging from Human resources, taxation, and compliance to Financial Accounting, they can handle everything.

Timings: 8:00am to 8:00pm

Available Space Options: Virtual Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Cabin

Features and Facilities

  • Frontdesk Services
  • Meeting rooms
  • High Speed Internet
  • Hot Beverages
  • Networked Printers
  • Package & Mail Handling

Price Range: Rs. 2,124 to Rs. 18,880

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
The whole booking process is online. Just signup. While signing up, you will be ask to fill some basic information and choose your subscription plan. You will also get to choose form some additional products, it services.


C157, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Mohali,Punjab 160055, India

Phone: +91 90410 98989

9. Work Cave Chandigarh Coworking Office Space

workcave Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

24 hour availability

Workcave is a collaborative work place for startup guys and business people where startup people can meet, work together and learn. It is a perfect place to work without any distractions and noise. Workcave offers fair pricing in the city beautiful.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Available Space Options: 24 Hours Plan, Hot Desk 10am-7pm, Night Desk 8pm onwards 9 hour access

Features and Facilities

  • Internet Access
  • Power Backup
  • Coffee/Tea (twice a day)
  • Housekeeping
  • Access to events
  • Mail Handling
  • 40 print scans
  • Conference Room
  • File/Storage Cabinet

Price Range: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 and Onward

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
Go to the site, select your plan. You can join the space after registering your startup. Once you click ‘join now’, you will be contacted shortly.


SCO 224, Level II, SECTOR 37 -C, Chandigarh, 160036, India.

Phone: 91 – 8195924888

10. SpaceJam Shared Office

Spacejam Coworking Spaces Chandigarh

Colorful Interior Structure

Spacejam is a vibrant Shared Office Space. The space is located in sector 34 of Chandigarh. One thing that separates this place form the other spaces in the list is it’s the vibrant structure and comforting environment. You must visit this place and I bet you’ll be awestruck by its interior design and facilities.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Available Space Options: Workstation, 2 Seater Cabin, 6 Seater Cabin

Features and Facilities

  • Front desk
  • Internet
  • Meeting Room
  • Courier Service
  • Events
  • Printouts

Price Range: Rs. 6,999 to Rs. 35,999

Renting Procedure – How to get a desk
You need to visit the website and click on register now. Once you click on it, fill the registration form. You will get a message shorty.


SCO 50-51, Third Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.

Phone: +91-98888-82227

How to choose a coworking space in Chandigarh for your office

Apart form the basic amenities, like, power backup, modern washrooms, drinking water, the following points will help you figure out your requirements before you join a coworking space.


Cost depends on your choice of space, whether you’re getting a dedicated desk with a 24-hour access or a hot desk only available certain hours. It should be affordable. For example, prices for hot desks can be $200 a month, while private offices may cost up to $450 a month. You need to choose what fits your budget and requirement.

Internet Speed

Imagine yourself working on a very important project. Today’s the deadline and your internet stops working or is providing snail-speed net. What would you do, apart from pulling your hair out? So choose wisely.

Work Culture

Some spaces can be more social where you’ll find sounds around you all the time. Some can be quite. If you cannot work in a noisy environment, choose the one which has professional coworkers.


Very important. Would you mind driving to your place  every single day wasting your precious time? Commute can be a deal-breaker for your team members as well. It’s an important factor to consider before you rent a coworking space. After all, many freelancers leave the corporate world to avoid long drives to an office.

To enjoy the benefits of a shared workplace, you can rent any of the above coworking spaces for your private office space. There, by creating a strong association with creative people, you not only can obtain ideas and perspectives but can also build a network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a co-working space?
Co-working space is a shared workplace, which means that there can be more than one company in one space. It consists of people or groups of people working for different companies.
Who can rent a coworking space?
Anyone, from a single individual, a freelancer to a startup with 10-12 people can rent a shared space. It usually attracts professionals who rent a desk, a private office, or a work-space for 5-10 people.
For how long do I need to stay there?
Most of these co-working spaces offer monthly membership, you can come and go as you please.
What is a private cabin?
This cabin has a door meant for office teams, which can be locked.
What is a virtual office?
A virtual office provides communication/correspondence, like call answering, message/email forwarding etc and official address services for a fee, without physical office space.
What is a hot desk?
You will get a locker within the space where you can store your belongings. Your place is not fixed. It is like finding a desk for yourself within an office space.
What is a dedicated desk?
A dedicated desk comes with all the benefits of hot desk, the only difference is that your place in the office remains fixed.


Hope you like this list of well furnished coworking spaces in Chandigarh and nearby for 2018 where you can work and get the feeling of office like environment. Take your business idea to the next level. If you have worked in any of the coworking space listed above, we would love to hear and share your experience with our readers.


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Nice article. I am a freelancer. This is all I need to know. Many thanks for detailed explanation. Please guide me if I should opt for hot desk or dedicated?

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    Thank you Devesh. The choice will depend on your requirements. Please refer to our article on hot desk vs dedicated desk.

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