Coworking space is a trend in the office lifestyle. It is a growing phenomenon where an individual can rent a desk of their own while sharing a range of other facilities with their co-tenants.

Many would see it casually as if it inherits bad things. But coworking is a gig that gives people themselves more control over their working lives.

Co-working spaces in Chandigarh and everywhere else are growing, no matter at what range. People want to be there own boss. By renting a place, not only gives them a working place but an establishment. It was predicted that in 2020 there would be around 4 million people working in such sectors. Coworking can be a positive choice for many freelancers. They seek relief from the emotional demand of the corporate office.

We regard co-working space as the most optimistic example we have of conducting enterprise on our own terms. It is often an experience of work that is determined by workers themselves.

Freelancers are nomads, they pave their own way. By coming together, these fellow nomads have become the secret sauce of the industry. Co-working has made it possible by providing these fellow nomads with necessary facilities. Such is the power of a coworking workspace. Freelancing is what makes this industry very attractive.

Travel blogger Monika Pietrowski writes that after “a solid stint in the corporate world, I gave up the security, the scrutiny and the stress for a nomadic lifestyle”. She says that coworking communities have been central to this change and, although it can be hit or miss, the “biggest advantage for me is the people interaction and social setting”.

“A more just future of work may have less to do with labour hours, the creation of welfare programs or the opening of resources and more to do with hospitality: with whom, through what means, and in which environments we associate and affiliate with fellow workers.” quoted by many researchers.

Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk calls it as ‘co-immunity. It refers to create a shared bubble of protection that allows people the space to conduct the practices helping them realise their potential.

Coworking is not suitable for all workers, at times these spaces can be a bit noisy and hard to work in. People feel hard to concentrate in such environment. Although it is an active place where playing music is also a hobby other than table tennis, chess, etc.

Statistics have shown that the nature of work is changing. It is worth embracing the positive aspects of that change. Flexibility should be welcomed and co-working space may enable that sort of change.

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