Coworking is not a secret anymore. In large cities, big companies are following the path of freelancers, they too are getting into coworking spaces. It’s a shift that’s happening around the world.

Partly because coworking continues to grow is that the part of the section of workers continues to change. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that currently about one out of three workers is a ‘freelancer–’ this means millions of people are now earning from work that’s not a traditional 9-to-5.

Many freelancers are collaborating with others in a coworking space. It is one among many ways that freelancers can improve their success. Co-working Spaces Are Redefining What It Means To Go To The OfficeThese shared spaces are of various sizes and capacities that offer a place to work, but on the other hand, provides a community that is often missed from the freelance life.

Coworking spaces are a great work to be connected to a community and a great way to embrace yourself.

Coworking spaces often offer fast wifi, range standing and sitting desk options, free coffee and organic tea, along with snacks.

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Here, people feel they are part of a social movement: they are often more engaged in their work, and without office politics to deal with, are able to use that passion for their actual work output.

Coworking space is fun place to work as they offer flexibility that regular offices don’t often have. Flexibility creates loose boundaries that somehow boosts workers to be more productive.

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