To all those who think that performance is all about billable, meeting deadlines and impressing the bosses by sycophancy are horses of a very small race. Corporate analysts believe that beyond the Individual performances of the employees, it is the symbiotic relationship of employees which makes them to put up a holistic effort to make the boat of the company sail in the stormy sea called the market.

Therefore, now the recruiters and the Human Resource does not mark the employee merely on the basis of tangible figures like the work hours, Power Point Presentations made and meetings lead, but also mark the workers on their ability to follow work etiquette, to coordinate with their co-workers and their attitude towards the superior as well as inferior employees.

So you as readers might be wondering as to what makes you coordinate better with your co- workers. Make sure that you mark our words, good coordination is an outcome of better communication. Communication is not rocket science but it is merely opening up to your fellow worker understanding him/her and making him/her understand the needs, priorities and ways of working and few other tits bits that are important to work in an office space together.

These Are The 5 Ways You Can Communicate Better With Your Co- Workers

  1. Understand your co-workers Background
    Corporate provides with an opportunity to every person competent for the job to do wonders to the entity and earn a fortune, it allows people from various financial and social upbringing without discrimination. Until and unless you do not delve into understanding the social facts that lead to your co-worker’s growth as a human being, you will never be able to understand his/her behavior and reactions to your conversation with him/her. Understanding other person’s antecedents guides you to find a common subject to talk upon, makes you deft enough to explain yourself to the other person in a better manner.
  2. Understanding Priorities
    In office spaces you come across various co-workers, some are extremely learned, dedicates towards their job, aiming to get promoted, while others can be the epitome of unhealthy office politics, gossip mongers, sycophants etc. Until and unless you do not understand the priority of your co-worker, you cannot mark the boundaries of the conversation, the areas of discussion and decide the nature of dealing with your co-worker. Conversation which are wide in nature with wrong people might become the hottest gossip of the office tomorrow which will demotivate you to make even necessary communication with your colleagues. So make sure that you know that what is your co-worker is up to before opening your mouth.
  3. Keeping things Professional
    Usually it is advised that personal life should not be brought within the four walls of the office space, it is because hereon, all communications that will take place will be led by principles of productivity, corporate governance and office issues, which prevents it from getting complex. Simple conversations about work life keeps the office discourse between employees very light and digestible.
  4. Peace is important that winning the Argument
    One instance of keeping your urge of winning the argument above peace and tranquility that you share with your co-workers can tear you apart, and lead to permanent dents even in professional relationships, which will further lead to creating lobbies within to office workspace leading to balkanisation preventing team effort in true sense. Make sure that sometime letting things off is the best solution and fighting for the sake of winning an argument can lead to horrifying repercussions.
  5. Hanging out
    Go for a cup of coffee, or brunch, of grab a beer, having friendly colleagues makes you very comfortable in sharing your situation and issues and also understanding the same. Conversations outside the workspace gives you the opportunity to know your co-worker inside out. You explore and make your co-worker explore things that you both were never aware of, perhaps common interests on which you can work together, or perhaps some shortcomings that you can help your co-worker overcome. Healthy relationship with your co-workers irrespective of their gender is always a plus point and helps you not just to coordinate but also to lead the team if the assignment that you are handling demands so.

That’s not all. We have a bonus tip for you

Objective Thinking – Wherever you come across a dispute between fellow co-workers, prefer not taking any side, turn down your temptation to take a side and rather try mediating between both the parties and win the trust of both the sides. This will not just get you the respect but also the appreciation of the Superiors and the HR for handling things with maturity. Rational thinking is fundamental in such scenarios.

Expert Tip – Not everyone likes wit, so make sure that you crack your jokes to people you really think will appreciate it coming and not those who will think it to be presumptuous

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