Offices is an old news, people don’t stick to conventional work hours, work habits and work spaces.

What’s comparatively new is co-working spaces. It was earlier restricted to offices, coffee shops or the occasional hipster co-working space. It is now a major industry, with both local and global players.

  • Coworking offices in Chandigarh has sent a spark in co-working spaces in the past year or two.
  • Every office you have ever worked in, you are in your own little hole.People don’t really interact as much with other types of businesses.
  • Co-working space has let to the serendipitous meeting with co-founders who ran an app development firm and have an opportunity to learn the more efficient way to develop software from other software there.
  • You would be able to save a lot of time on every project with co-workers around as they would help you where ever you need them. It is just amazing.
  • Co-working is much like home but a touch of an office.
  • This concept has grown since 1995 and to this day it has shown a rise either owning a firm to renting a firm.

Co-working concept has grown beyond its startup as the community of entrepreneurs working alongside each other, sharing desks, coke machine and in many cases, its ideas to become an industry unto itself. If we can do it, you can also do it. These shared workplaces have become a crucial to freelancer’s success. This new trend in working field is attracting not only freelancers but entrepreneurs and startups who are looking for opportunities and collaborations. The craze is so much that I heard someone saying that kung-fu panda needs coworking. I am excited to know what’s next in the plate and how this new coworking culture is going to shape itself in the near future.

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