Who should Join a Co-Working Office and Who Should Join a Conventional Office?

shared office

Who should go for a Co-working Office

Co-working is a style of work which involves a shared workplace, generally an affordable office space. People from various organisation or the ones who work as freelancers work under one roof.

Co-working offers an opportunity for  different individuals to collaborate. Co-working spaces are an amazing place to work and bond with various people of different niches. Steve Jobs once said, ”Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings and from random discussions”. Not  only these shared work-spaces increases your productivity, these offer a lot of benefits as well. They offer an electric atmosphere, the occupants are excited and energetic.

It’s  a space for those who are looking for affordable spaces and wish to escape the isolation of homes or coffee shops. These coworking spaces  have a flexible seating arrangement. The co-working spaces are not just preferred by freelancers, start-ups or small organizations, but even large and medium sized companies  also favor co-working spaces nowadays.

These spaces come  easy on the pocket , give services like  high-speed internet, office furnishings, conference halls, pantry, coffee machine meeting rooms and several  other facilities. These shared offices are available in all major cities for people with different budget and variant needs.

These spaces consist of people who work for different companies and different projects. These are best for people who are lonely and work from home. It kills isolation and helps people to interact.

These spaces allow different people with unique talents to work together. It gives them a chance to learn from the other people in the co-working space. It encourages people to exchange ideas and have community events. It gives you complete  freedom and mobility. Co-working spaces inspire innovations. It is the best fit for people who want to work without managing an office or being in one. It increases the quality of work. Knowledge and experience can be shared very easily here.

If you have decided that this option is suitable for you, you can check the list of best coworking spaces in Chandigarh and choose the one that meets your need.

conventional office


Conventional space means space is yours and you are responsible for the maintenance of the office they are more suitable for the organizations and companies with stable growth. The letting office space is directly from the landlord at the price of per square foot per annum. The contracts are normally for longer duration.

The conventional offices are exclusive of all the costs and tenants are responsible to pay all the services separately which includes building insurance, light, heat, air conditioners, broadband, service charges and security. Conventional offices are bit expensive as compared to the co-working spaces.

The advantage of conventional office is that you can customize it according to your need. You are the in charge of its design, furniture and security. You personally invest in all it its resources.

The tenant can modify the property according to his need and desires but he must return the premise in the exact same condition as it was in the time of the occupancy.

Conventional spaces are best for the people who want to have a sense of identity and security on their workplace. Those who want to control everything based on the needs of their work often prefer conventional working place.

In the conventional space there is a sense of professionalism amongst the workers. Workers are more focused towards their goals because there are fewer disruptions. The working standard is higher as compared to co-working spaces. Conventional spaces support productivity and efficiency.

In the conventional spaces, everyone is working to achieve a common goal which results in the feeling of belongingness.

Choosing between co-working spaces and conventional spaces, depends upon the requirement and the nature of work. Those who do not like to adopt new ideas or concept are in the favor of the conventional working spaces whereas those who love experimenting and interacting with people prefer co-working spaces.

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