What is entrepreneurship? It is a strong and dynamic process that tests the ability of an individual and take him/her to all the highs and lows.

Entrepreneurship – long gruelling working hours, distorted work-life balance, capital crunch and increased accountability. An entrepreneur is the risk taker and he is the one responsible to introduce a new concept of business to the world. For entrepreneurs, the present is tough but they are always hopeful for a strong future.

Having said this, one feeling that an entrepreneur goes through is loneliness. No matter how dedicated a person, he needs a lively surrounding, his friends to pat his back, have fun with him. Humans are social animals but when entrepreneurs are fighting their fights alone, they are deserted to loneliness where they cannot find anyone behind or along with him. The market is in favour of freelancing, remote work and digital nomadism that ultimate leaves the being alone in his corner.

The positive side however has put into this picture by the co-working spaces. The traditional working spaces are ceasing to exist and the co-working spaces have come up as a viable option for freelancers and entrepreneurs. A co-working place does not leave the individual alone. He is provided with an opportunity to connect with a number of like-minded people. He has the opportunity to be a part of flourishing culture leaving his isolation behind.

The individuals who are a part of the co-working community are found to be more satisfied, happy and more engaged towards their work. They have better options to connect socially and be a part of creative events.

So, are you an entrepreneur? Hosting your business from a co-working space would provide you with multiple opportunities.

1. Co-working and entrepreneurship

For an entrepreneur, plenty of benefits are lying to grab on his way with co-working. The benefits are very difficult to find while working from the traditional offices, home or any other remote areas. For the start-up owners who feel that the nearby coffee shops are a viable option to for the budding business, they forget that coffee shops are not meant for business, they are noisy and disturbing.

A co-working space is affordable compared to home or the coffee shops. The aesthetic designs of the co-working spaces are meant to increase the productivity of the business.

2. Entrepreneurial co-working is all that you need

Most of the entrepreneurs working from the remote location faces the problems of fragmented networking. While co-working is the answer to this question. Working in a co-working space would provide an individual with ample of opportunities to connect with other business persons. Also, when you hire traditional offices, you are supposed to pay heavy deposit and long paper trails to start with and on the other hand, the co-working spaces work on a plug and play model.

3. Co-working is the antidote to loneliness

As stated earlier as well, freelancers, independent workers and mostly entrepreneurs spend long hours for their work and at the end, they find themselves alone. A co-working space is an antidote to loneliness. A co-working space will provide you with seniors, juniors, or even mentors who will help you to run your business successfully. You will have an opportunity to interact with like minded people. You can watch how other people are working and get inspired from their dedication.

4. A few things to remember

As per a study by the Harvard Business Review, the most stringent of the workers are found lonely even after achieving what they desired. 50% of the CEO’s are lonely at work and 61% of them believed that their loneliness is hindering their performance. Loneliness is a real problem. We all know that with power comes responsibility. This is true for the people who have reached the top.

One should not loose contact with one’s family and friends. Work-life balance is important and one should not take it for granted.

5. The perks you receive

Co-working spaces add value to one entrepreneurial journey by providing ergonomic and productive workspaces:

  • The offices are located in the primary localities that are convenient to reach.
  • Co-working spaces are equipped with all the amenities such as tea and coffee machines, support staff, business grade internet and so on.
  • There are no hidden costs for hiring a co-working space. These are an all-inclusive work space that allow complete freedom to the individuals to foster their business.

Putting your fingers on the co-working might be a new step but given the situation and the latest trends, this new step will unfold new ways of growth for your business. When you are willing to make a change happen, you will have a better way of working.

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