Starting the business is not a difficult task. Anyone can start a business, the hardest part is actually running the business. Staying on the top of everything is one of the biggest challenges the entrepreneurs face today. To be successful in the business today, one needs to be flexible and have a good planning. Most of the people start their businesses thinking that they will turn on their computer and start making money. Well, this is not how things work. Making money in the business is a much more difficult task than they think. Running a business need lots of planning,e organisation,, creativity and consistency as well.

An entrepreneur has to be all-rounder. An entrepreneur to be successful have to respond to the emails regularly. They have to make sure that their websites look perfect all the time and projects should be organised.. He has to keep in touch with his network, and grow it constantly. Also, he should avoid getting distracted  by anything that makes him less productive.

The Internet also provides various tools for the  entrepreneurs. Those numerous tools and services which are created just to help entrepreneurs to organize their life and business in a much simplified yet productive way.

Below is the list of enterprises tools that can make you run your business smoother. Most of these tools are free or minimal in cost. They can make your life easy and organized.

  1. Trello-

Trello is a project management tool. It helps you get organized. Trello shows a board on which you can create some lists which are filled with cards. You can upload files, add comments, create checklists and many more things in a card. Trello is completely versatile, you can use it for many different kinds of things. You write an ebook, organize a specific project and create an email course. It helps you keep an eye on your every project.

  1. Google Docs-

It is one of the most essential tools for working on a file with multiple numbers of people. Anyone can give comments, add or remove text and proofread content. You can also check that if someone is working on a document or made any recent changes. You can chat with them too. It is a great tool for a team working together. Google docs are the life savior for the people who get confused when they have several versions of work in progress.

  1. Dropbox-

Dropbox is a great tool for backups and storage. It has awesome plugin apps to improve the experience. Also, it provides apps for every single device. You can access your files from anywhere you want.

  1. Slack-

Slack is a communication app. It is one of the best  communication tool for teams and mastermind groups. It is relatively new but very popular. You can create channels to discuss different topics. You can also have a private conversation on Slack. It also allows you to share files, find messages easily. Slack automatically sync everything on all of your devices. You can easily connect it to other apps like- Skype and WordPress.

  1. Boomerang-

Boomerang can temporarily remove messages to be reminded of them later. This feature helps you staying focused without getting distracted by other things. It can achieve your emails and bring them back at any chosen time. You can also use the boomerang to write an email and send it later. You can tell boomerang when do you want your email to be sent and they take from there. You can take care of your inbox before it becomes an uncontrollable mess.

  1. Sidekick-

Sidekick is an excellent add-on email tool developed to inform you whether someone has opened your email or not. It tells how many times, when and from where a receiver has opened your email. If you are doing a round of cold emailing, starting a newsletter or trying out a new marketing campaign, it is very useful. You can keep track of your emails and observe people’s behavior.

  1. Canva-

It is an online design platform tool. You can use canva to create artwork for your website. It is a place where you become a  designer. Canva is a simple drag and drop tool. It has a library of more than 1 million graphics, photograph, and fonts to choose from. It also offers free access to wide design tools and options. On a canva, you can create anything from a book cover to infographics.

  1. Typeform-

Typeform is a service where you can create surveys. Typeform provides clear, beautiful and mobile-friendly surveys. Here you can get valuable and genuine feedback without any special effort.

Usually entrepreneurs like to do everything themselves and they want to be in charge of their business. But in reality, it is very difficult to handle everything. It is impossible to take care of every aspect of our business on your own. That is why these tools and services will help the entrepreneurs organizing their business and will save the day. Follow these tools and services and your business will be sought.  All these can add major value to and grow your business. So stop wasting your time on futile tasks and start taking control with these easy-to-use tools.

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